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Apophyllite Cluster Nr03, size 60x45mm

Apophyllite Cluster Nr03, size 60x45mm

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Use this beautiful high quality Apophyllite Cluster is clear coloured with multiple different sized points all over it. Bring harmony to specific areas by placing it where you feel heavy energies or pop it on your night stand to enjoy its' calm high vibrational healing energy while sleeping. Each piece comes in a beautiful linen pouch with a note detailing its' specific healing qualities.
Size 60x45mm

harmony, oneness, love, angels

This quartz formation exudes an energy of loving harmony, while elevating and upholding the energy vibration of the space and people in it. Apophyllite creates a protective, peaceful, happy energy field around itself, that transmits a loving energy. Use this energy to clear fears and remove negative illusions from your mind. Use it to clean and defragment your energy field from karmic baggage or meditate with it by observing the enclosures and reflections within it to receive intuitive information. Transmits a high energy vibration that can meditatively connect you with higher energies and beings. Place on your nightstand for improved and calmer sleep.

Comes in the form of a natural pyramid shape point which often has mirrorlike reflecting enclosures, other types of points and clusters. The shape of a pyramid or point is great for directing the healing energy of the crystal, the many tiny points within a cluster are stronger at healing by amplifying each other and the healing energy of the cluster.

Apophyllite is a form of calcium silicate that comes in clear or a variety of gentle colours.

Chakras | 4., 6., 7.
Colour | clear, white, blush, peach, faintly yellow, blue or green
Countries | India
Zodiac signs | Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius

Your piece will be the exact individual pictured here and as a unique piece it is sold as seen without returns.

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Crystal care

Keep your crystals happy by cleaning them with a dry cloth, or if you are certain they can handle getting wet, you can give them a quick wipe with a damp cloth or rinse with water and leave to dry. Recharge them on a Selenite or Agate plate, or place them on a DRY bed of sea salt and leave on a windowsill overnight to recharge in the moonlight. Please note that many crystals cannot be washed with water as they can be delicate, such as Selenite, Pyrite etc. If you're in doubt, feel free to reach out and ask us.


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