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Amethyst Cluster Nr01, size 65x88mm


Use this beautiful Amethyst Cluster to heal specific areas by placing it over them, pop it on your night stand to enjoy its' healing energy while sleeping or keep it by your desk to counteract the vibrations of your computer and electronics. Each piece comes in a beautiful linen pouch with a note detailing its' specific healing qualities.
Size 65x88mm

spiritual clarity

One of the first crystals you turn to when embarking on the path to spirituality, the energy of Amethyst does good to everyone. Amethyst supports spiritual clarity and awareness. It radiates bright, clarifying energy that is especially good for healing your brain, thoughts and intuition, basically the area around your head. Use it as a guide to understanding the deeper meanings within things and hearing your inner voice. You can also use it to support trust as well as understanding towards your own spirit and its ability to come up with solutions. This is a crystal to connect with your divinity, to support the connection of your intuition and crown chakra to your spirit and higher consciousness. A great companion to meditate with, to help you evolve spiritually.

The shape of a point is great for directing the healing energy of the crystal, the many tiny points within a cluster are stronger at healing by amplifying each other and the healing energy of the cluster.

Chakras | 6., 7.
Colour | light to dark; violet, lilac, purple
Countries | ex. Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay
Zodiac signs | Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo

Your piece will be the exact individual pictured here and as a unique piece it is sold as seen without returns.

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Amethyst Cluster Nr01, size 65x88mm