Crystals are formed within the earth over a long period of time, sometimes even hundreds of millions of years.

Some crystals can be found all over the world in multiple locations, such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst or many Jaspers. Other crystals are rare and can only be found in one particular place, such as Spectrolite which is a blue, Finnish relative of Labradorite, or Tanzanite which only comes from Tanzania. The location also often influences the colours or patterns of the crystals, for example, Labradorite from Madagascar usually looks different to Labradorite from Canada, or Amethyst from Brazil is often better, darker quality than that from Finland.


The healing qualities of crystals come from the minerals within them, their formation, their shape, the patterns and colours on their surface. All colours are different vibrational frequencies of light, that each have their own healing qualities. The healing qualities of the crystals come from the combined effect of all these. When we work with crystals, it creates a mild electro magnetic reaction, which a sensitive person can feel as a very gently vibrating, prickling, warming or cooling energy. It can also manifest as an emotion, for example, relaxation, or as visions such as that of a walk in the woods. This way their energies can help the pains of the body, aid in sleep or in calming your thoughts. They can strengthen the inner self love, self trust and joy in life.

And to those who don't necessarily understand or wish to believe in the healing energies of crystals - you can also use them as reminders of the intent of the healing qualities. This way you can become more mindful of these themes in your life, bringing more attention to them will help you work through them.

Founder of Tyynikki

P.S. A lot of the crystal knowledge we share is passed down to Mira by her late mother Sari McGlinn, a crystal shop owner, an author and educator in the field of crystals, wellbeing and healing <3

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