" Wear the magic of crystal healing to find balance and purpose on your journey. "


Use our crystal jewellery and single crystals like talismans guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Find balance and purpose in this moment, right here, right now. Each piece is more than meets the eye - holding within a deeper layer inviting you to explore the transformative energy of crystals.

Mira, Founder of Tyynikki


    All our pieces are designed for daily wear. Our silver chain jewellery can handle curious pets (most) or kids tugging on them and not even flinch.


    All our crystals and jewellery with crystals or freshwater pearls are what it says on the tin. No Howlite sold as Turquoise or faux Malachite to be found here.


    All our pieces are designed to be timeless, independent of trends, easy for you to combine with existing pieces and layer up with.

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We want to empower you to become your own 'guru' through the wisdom of healing crystals as well as self reflection and tips we share.

Your Tyynikki pieces will arrive in beautiful packaging to protect the contents and put a smile on your face.

Chosen to store your jewellery, or be reused, or recycled. You decide. All materials except for the foam inserts in the jewellery boxes can be recycled and the cotton-linen blend pouches reused for on the go or travel. You know, for all the small drifting bits in your pockets or bag. Like earphones, loose change, hair ties...

Conscious packaging.

Basically, all of our packaging is recyclable or easy to reuse, except for the foam inserts in the jewellery boxes or plastic sleeves for shipping invoices of international orders.

> Thick card boxes embossed with our logo.
> 100% cotton OR 100% polyester ribbon made from recycled plastic bottles.
> Cotton-linen blend pouches.
> Paper tissue to pack your order.
> Cardboard boxes sealed with paper tape for parcels.
> Paper bags with cotton rope handles for in-person purchases.
> All leaflets, crystal notes and stickers are paper.


We offer a range of handmade crystal jewellery and carefully curated individual crystals that are as enchanting as they are meaningful.

Tyynikki started out as a way to channel my personal creative and entrepreneurial energy into something new, after some heavy losses I experienced in both my personal and professional life. I wanted to redirect this into building something entirely new, drawing from my mother's legacy of crystal healing knowledge, paired with my detail oriented design skills and discerning aesthetic.

Crystals, energies and a holistic approach are all things I grew up with thanks to my mother. She was always curious and open to learning new and sharing it with her family, friends, her wider circle and later on, her clients. When I was a teenager, she had a tiny wellness centre where she practised energy healing and rented the space out for other healers and alternative practitioners. This evolved into a larger space for her to do her energy work, teach classes, write and publish her own books and host a little crystal shop. Eventually the crystal shop grew into its own space where my mother was hosting her classes and events too.

I hope to honour and to share this legacy with the work I do with Tyynikki while putting my own stamp on it.

The world of today can be stressful and chaotic at times, leaving us craving for escape and a mental recharge, Tyynikki is the place for just that.

Founder of Tyynikki

P.S. Most of the crystal knowledge we share is passed down to Mira by her late mother Sari McGlinn, a crystal healer, author and educator in the field of crystals, wellbeing and healing <3
  • " The TUOVI Smoky Obsidian pendant necklace has quickly become my favourite piece of jewellery. I wear it almost every single day, with anything and everything. "

    ***** SAARA K.

  • " The MIINA Freshwater Pearl earrings are so lightweight & comfortable to wear. I don't even remember I'm wearing them until I catch my reflection in the mirror. "

    ***** GRACE M.

  • " The KATRI chain ring is so sweet and cute. Was delivered promptly in a carefully put together package that contained a beautiful box with the ring inside. "

    **** HARRI I.

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