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tyyni ['tʊ:ni]
(adj.) calm, tranquil, serene

"Welcome to the world of Tyynikki, where beautiful, curated crystals meet a paired down Finnish design aesthetic to bring beauty in your life and spaces you inhabit, infused with the magical energy of the crystals that are in them."

Rose Quartz Palm Crystal

Glad to see you here, My name is Mira and I am the founder, designer and maker behind Tyynikki.

Tyynikki is a new brand of carefully crafted jewellery, accessories, decorative pieces made with genuine semiprecious crystals and crystal kits curated and compiled in-house for conscious, aesthetically driven souls.

Located and made in London, UK.

What's in a name?

Well, let me elaborate on that for you. The name Tyynikki is a made up female's name, derived from the Finnish word 'tyyni'. It means calm, tranquil, serene, which are all emotions I hope to evoke with my designs and the energies of the crystals I use to make them.

Tyynikki is a place to enjoy paired down Nordic design, high quality materials and dip your toes in the magical world of crystals. Whether you wish to believe in their healing qualities or not, you can also use the healing qualities as the intention, the reminder or what you wish to bring into your life. Or the life of whomever lucky soul you gift them to.

The world of today is sometimes so stressful and chaotic that we can be left craving for a little escape and a mental recharge, Tyynikki is the place for just that.

Founder of Tyynikki

P.S. A lot of the crystal knowledge we share is passed down to Mira by her late mother Sari McGlinn, a crystal shop owner, an author and educator in the field of crystals, wellbeing and healing <3