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Luxury Crystal Christmas Cracker Set of 6pcs

This limited edition set of 6 individual luxury crackers is the perfect table setter, meaningful gift for friends, family, the team at the office or even something to gift to yourself. The retail price of the set is £159 but we want to treat you to a lovely 40% discount so you can treat yourself to something special too.

Open for pre-orders only, with the orders shipping out from November 15th onwards.

Inside the crackers you will find a curated selection of individually handpicked, high quality crystals in polished and natural forms. Clear or sheer crystal? Hold them up against light at the window and meditate while observing the inclusions, rainbows or patterns within. Solid colour crystal? Observe the formations, shine from within, pattern and take a moment to meditate while doing this.

Inside each cracker:
- Crystal in a black satin pouch
- Note on the crystal's healing properties
- Note with an affirmation to reflect on
- Silver or gold paper tissue crown

In case you wish to assign the crystals to their recipients, each cracker is discreetly marked and the set is delivered with a note to which marking corresponds to which crystal inside. Read below for the healing qualities of each crystal in the set of crackers.

PLEASE NOTE! The sizes, shapes and appearance vary between the individuals as they are all nature's making but you can use the image with the hands as a general reference.

P.S. The cracker shells are card, the stickers on them paper and the protective material inside tissue paper, making them fully recyclable. They are each decorated with two hand tied satin bows that are made from recycled PET bottles and can be reused as bows in your hair, on the Christmas tree or in gift wrapping.

calm happiness

Vibrates a delicate, high, angelic energy. This crystal will help teach you unconditionally accept people as light beings that are only separated from it by their own lack of belief in themselves. Transmits a gentle loving, calming energy. Creates a protective energy field around it, quiets and calms the mind while bringing in light. Balances your energy and strengthens the connection to your crown chakra.

CHAKRAS | 6., 7.
COLOUR | varying clarity, light blue
COUNTRIES | eg. Madagascar
ZODIAC SIGNS | Gemini, Virgo, Libra

cleansing clarity

Cleanses, recharges and invigorates you while sharing its wisdom with your subconscious. Many Quartz act as channels between their users and their spiritual guides, containing multiple layers of consciousness. You will be able to access those layers, to which you are ready and open to receiving at that particular time. Quartz are often among the first crystals that those on the spiritual journey gravitate towards, as they act as wise teachers to their users.

CHAKRAS | 6., 7.
COLOUR | varying clarity, sometimes rainbow reflections or inclusions
COUNTRIES | eg. Brazil, Madagascar, India
ZODIAC SIGNS | Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Capricorn

shamanic wisdom

Ancient petrified wood that contains an immense amount of nature's memory and shamanistic wisdom. Healers or seers can use it as a wise advisor that draws knowledge from the depths of the memory of humanity and nature. Particularly great crystal for those, who are ready to face themselves, to travel the path of the seer or healer.

COLOUR | black
COUNTRIES | ex. Australia, Russia
ZODIAC SIGNS | Capricorn, Taurus

creativity, visions, dreams

Known to soothe and clarify your thoughts, to help you break free from the mundane worries, hustle and bustle of everyday life. Hold it over your body and visualise an escape to nature to re-energise yourself. Observe the sheen, reflections and colours of its surface to awaken your creativity and activate visions. Labradorite is a great support in bringing your dreams, visions and goals into reality.

CHAKRAS | 1-7.
COLOUR | grey to green hues, radiates blue, lilac, yellow or purple
COUNTRIES | ex. Madagascar, USA
ZODIAC SIGNS | Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittaurius

nurturing happiness

Strengthens and nurtures happiness and joy while helping you release any possible negative feelings or thoughts you may hold. Work with it to bring yourself to a state of content, relaxed happiness, free of worries. Discover your own untapped potential while meditating with it, observing the patterns and occasional little quartz formations.

CHAKRAS | 1.-5.
COLOUR | various
COUNTRIES | Madagascar
ZODIAC SIGNS | Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces

loving acceptance

This popular crystal is a messenger and transmitter of universal love. Rose Quartz will teach you how to be gentle and accepting of yourself as well as of others. A great teacher of love through gentle acceptance. This acceptance includes facing and owning up to things as well as letting of things that no longer serve you. Work with it to open up emotional blockages and alleviate worries or sorrows within the heart.

COLOUR | blush pink, sometimes sheer
COUNTRIES | eg. Brazil, Madagascar
ZODIAC SIGNS | Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus

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Luxury Crystal Christmas Cracker Set of 6pcs