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Luxury Cracker with Jewellery x6pcs

This limited pack of 6 individual luxury crackers is the perfect meaningful gift for friends, family, a team at the office, a table setter or even something to gift to yourself.

Inside the crackers you will find a collection of our strong KATRI bracelets, carefully handcrafted in London from sterling silver and semiprecious gemstones.

Each cracker contains a bracelet in a satin pouch (Howlite, Kalahari Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Lemon Chrysoprase, Golden Sheen Obsidian, Turquoise), a note on the crystal's healing qualities and info on how to care for the piece, words of wisdom and a paper crown. They are each discreetly marked and the set is delivered with a note to which marking corresponds to which particular bracelet is inside, if you wish to assign the crystal energies to particular recipients. Read below for the healing qualities of each crystal used for the bracelets.

Adjustable length 16.5-21.5cm with a lobster clasp, designed and handmade in London

The appearance of the crystals varies between the individuals as they are all nature's making.

P.S. The cracker shells are card, the stickers on them paper and the protective material inside tissue paper, making them fully recyclable. They are each decorated with two hand tied satin bows that are made from recycled PET bottles and can be reused as bows in your hair or on gift wrapping.

cleanse the body and mind

Cleanses the body and mind with high vibrational energy. Its' gold sheen surface reflects energy that opens the consciousness of its user. Shamans have used this crystal to face you with issues and blockages that haven't been dealt with, or worked through, yet. You can use it to cleanse old thought patterns or lingering fears within your mind and practice letting go.

Chakras | 1., 6.
Colour | black, occasional gold sheen
Countries | Mexico
Zodiac signs | Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn

soothing clarity

A calming, cooling, soothing crystal for the body, mind and nervous system. Also known as Magnesite. Use Howlite to release stress from within your thoughts or emotions and create a sense of harmony in place of it. Supports you in finding your own way to a life of liberty and fulfilment. Good companion to meditate with, as it can strengthen the intuition and visions. You can also enjoy its' calm, clarifying energy for better sleep.

Chakras | 4.-7.
Colour | white with grey veining
Countries | eg. USA
Zodiac signs | Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn

clear visions

This crystal is like a piece of nature's art. Also known by the name of Landscape Jasper. Observe the patterns on the surface in order to expand and clarify your visions. Use Kalahari Jasper to raise your energy levels, heal your aura and alter the energetic vibrations in different situations to match yours. Meditate with it to ground yourself and create a deep connection with Mother Earth.

Chakras | 1., 6.
Colour | beige, brown or black veining
Countries | Africa (Kalahari desert)
Zodiac signs | Leo

intuition, inner wisdom

Known as a powerful crystal of wisdom that supports you in developing your intuition and in being within your own strength. Will give the intuition and mind courage to see the reality that lies hidden behind your own illusions. This allows you to find a new reality and adventures to go towards. Work with Lapis Lazuli to bring yourself to a state of greater love and happiness, to come to your own truth and receive the courage to communicate it. With a clear heart and a mind free of ego, you can achieve the sacredness that this crystal can guide you to.

Chakras | 5., 6., 7.
Colour | dark indigo blue, white spots, gold flakes
Countries | ex. Afghanistan, Chile, Russia
Zodiac signs | Libra, Taurus, Sagittarius

love, happiness, gratitude

Used for its soothing qualities for both physical and mental health. Can help you on a path to find happiness through gratitude. A great crystal for emotional balance and creating a sense of security. Also known for being a crystal of prosperity through helping you find a place of balance where great ideas and creativity can flow. Work with Lemon Chrysoprase crystal to overcome your negative self doubts and see the reality that lies behind the illusions created by your ego. This will guide you finding and forging your own path to a healthy, happy and abundant life.

Chakras | 4.
Colour | lemon sherbet, occasional veins
Countries | eg. Australia, USA
Zodiac signs | Taurus, Gemini, Virgo

self expression

The crystal of wisdom. Aids in a wise, calm, considered manner of communication whilst healing the throat and helping with self expression. Turquoise is considered sacred by the Native Americans, used to guide the user to the source of their inner wisdom. Hold it between your hands or over your forehead whilst energy healing to access the knowledge on how to heal or protect yourself or others. Helps in creating a connection to your spirit animal. You can also wear it as a piece of jewellery where the contact to your skin amplifies the healing qualities.

Chakras | 5.
Colour | shades of turquoise with darker freckles or veins
Countries | eg. Arizona in the US, Africa
Zodiac signs | Aquarius, Pisces, Sagittarius

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Luxury Cracker with Jewellery x6pcs