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Caring for the planet is close to our heart.

Here are some things Tyynikki is doing to be environmentally conscious...

Tyynikki packaging for crystals and jewellery

Colourful Tyynikki flyers, thank you notes and greeting cards


Our products are all packed either slick boxes made of think, high quality card or cotton-linen blend pouches, embossed with the Tyynikki logo. The flyers and info leaflets sent with orders are all paper. Orders are shipped out in non-dyed cardboard boxes, wrapped in un-bleached tissue paper that is closed off with paper stickers, even the tape used for the shipping boxes is made of paper. Only the sleeves for invoices of international orders and the foam inserts in the jewellery boxes are not made of natural materials. Our packaging materials are sourced from EU-based companies that partially manufacture within the EU also.

Tyynikki would like to encourage all customers to reuse, repurpose or recycle the packaging. You will find tips on reusing and repurposing on our social channels, emails and blog.

As we grow as a company, we also aim to improve on becoming even more environmentally friendly with all aspects of our packaging.

Jewellery making tools


Each piece of Tyynikki jewellery is designed and carefully handmade in-house in our tiny London studio.

In order to minimise waste and respect the environment, all of our jewellery is made to order. Your jewellery will be handmade within 2-5 UK working days, then carefully wrapped up and shipped to you. We collect and recycle all pieces of scrap precious metals that are left over in the production of our pieces.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out by email mira (at) :)

Founder of Tyynikki